Your favorite section of trail

Let’s hear about what sections of trails get your blood pumping.

I’m gonna do a top 5 list.

  1. Agent Orange in Glacier 8. Flows so fast and fun. Great mix of berms, kickers, log rolls, etc…
  2. True Blue downhill section at Glacier 8. A super fast gully with rocks and fun lines.
  3. Chutes at Stillwell. Very fast and flowy section with small drops along the way.
  4. Black diamond section at Mlp. One of the techiest sections on the island and cool mix of features along the way.
  5. Gotta do the Ridges at Glacier Ridge. Awesome intro and fast flowy features along the way.

Hmmm, I’ll just stick with Stillwell for now but my top two are:

  1. The Chutes
  2. Snake Pit

The newly marked brickyard in bethpage,lollipop loop on Trailview,trail 6 in Edgewood

I agree the newly marked brickyard is great. Enter sandman, Lincoln logs and the fast down up at Stillwell. I actually really like all of stillwell so it’s kinda hard to pick loco breath adds some technical stutt with a good climb at the end and left right also has some nice flow to it if you get off the brakes and let the bike run. Trailview between the northern state and lie has mix of a lot of stuff too, climbs, flow, roots, and bridge stream crossing.