Your Favorite Long Island Trail

Everyone has a favorite go-to trail that no matter how they are feeling they would be fine riding there.

So what’s your favorite Long Island trail and why?

That’s tough because trails are so different. For me it would prob Cunningham Park because it offers so much in one place. Dirt jumps, pump track, singletrack and features. On the island prob has to be Mlp cause it’s the techiest one around and fun to ride. For mileage and flow definitely East Setauket cause it’s a long trail and have to be sharp…

I like fast trails…real fast. Gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline.

Shoreham …ride it in either the 22 mile loop or 32 mile loop
Manorville… 13 quick miles
GR…fast fast fast 13 miles

Manetto hills,small and not muc on the mileage but doing the old mansion trail off te black and the main loop is a pretty good ride ,my second choice is a tie between stilly and mlp

Oh man, Def east Setauket or glacier ridge as my all out go to trails. Glacier ridge is so nice and flowy. So much fun to ride. And when I go on solo runs I like hitting east Setauket. I feel like every time I go there it makes me a better rider. There’s always something I seem to learn about myself or the trail itself in terms of how to do that ride better the next time. Es is so well made and Def a great workout. I always ride really early and after I’m done I always smile at the fact that after my ride I’ll be standin in a deli gettin myself breakfast and thinking about how I hit up 'the wall’as hard as I could while the frigging wreck in line in front of me still has pillow crust in his eyes and has no idea the cool adventure the dude behind him just had in the woods somewhere on this great island.

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