Yet another excellent weekend

Saturday i set out for cp for a quick loop. I did the old loop less boundry line and the out of bounds. I kept my lap at a fast but not blistering pace.

Its amazing the flow of that trail…even though many of my fast freinds refer to it as “a wash board”… yes the fast guys… who have been riding it …or avoiding it… because of that effect.
Anyway… its just the way its just the way i like it and expect it. I love the trail…so, out i went and even though it was not my fastest time… it was respectable for the old CP course.

Today I hit CP again and did intervals. Nothing crazy, but a pace that would get tje heart beat up there. I added in the new stuff and found… what did i find?
I have been doing doubles of beyond boundry. I finally figured out that out of bounds incorperates beyond boundry… where as i would do beyond then out of… feeling like i was riding the same trail.
Incidentally an up dated trail map would be nice… heh hem…
Ran into some of the Hurricames and was surprised at how well some of these kids climb and handle the single track…impressive!

And as usual the trail was in great shape… (as if anybody cares of my opinion)