Yeah, weekend time

What’s up guys. I’m going to do my usual Sunday Stillwell ride before church time. Hopefully the trail will have time to dry ou.

What about you?

Yesterday got a bomb ride after work at East Setauket. Haven’t ridden there in awhile. Had the trail all to myself. Trail was a lil dry and had leaf pileup in certain areas but overall was in superb shape. Was really shocked to see how well the newer black diamond sections had broken in. Noticed a big reroute after Monster Mash…really fun downhill section. Bagged about 1:05 for the 1st half of the East Side. Love the work to payoff ratio at this trail.

Go get em tim!!!

I did a GR ride today. Feeling out the 275…and…NOTHING turns like my tracer. To date best handling bike I have ever ridden.

Bars are too wide for my blurry eye’d riding style and had to swing turns WAY outside. Maybe it was the fear of the continued bashing of my knuckles. It doesnt push in corners, but merely turn SLOW (not as slow as the 29s i have ridden)…but pails compared to the tracer.

Probably gunna hit MVH in the AM after Joel on sunday.
Enjoy the ride and remember 2 wheels down!