Wont be able to copy last weekend

Last weekend was great.

Thanks giving = Manorville
Friday = Northwest woods
Saturday = Glacier Ridge
sunday = Calverton double

This weekend started with Manorville. Trail was SLOW…How could a trail with so many down hills and fast up hills be slow you say…well…Let me say that between the rain the last few days and the leave cover my wheels were struggling to keep momentum.
Coming into corners hot and heavy had me wide eyed in a two wheel slide screaming “YOLO” Backing off the motor led to less energy entering hills and more of a struggle to hit the top.

Also, mentally, with all the hoof post holes it just suck all the enthusiasm out of me. It felt as if I was riding on cobble stones. This as always just reeked havoc on my back. Not much fun!


For sunday what do I have planned. I don’t know yet
Maybe GR…Maybe shoreham…Maybe CP

Sounds like those horses are really starting to beat up the trail and your rides :rage:

Horses are becoming more of a Nuisance everywhere. Some of the horse riders have no boundries. Rocky Has Been hit pretty good and so has CP.

But this time of the year I usually cut my pace down when riding alone. “Im…ma skeeered”

2 wheel slides…Smoooshy trails…Inhaling cold air hurts my lungs…

so slow is how I go

But I did get to do GR on sunday. As usual lots of fun