Who is going ?!?!?

The annual local club holiday party falls on the 16th of december.

The fee for going is 43 bucks at
Croxleys “The Gardens” in farmingdale

Will I be going?

Hurry spots are filling fast


I did the beginner ride the other day with them…and…well…Yeah, I dont fit in any more…Felt kind of Stodgy…So…I think I may do a second LIMBA get together

I can’t go but I hope that do have a good time.

I went 2 times in years past. It used to be in nicer venues. It seems to be getting more expensive every year. I heard that this year thier not even doing raffles. I even donated custom cakes 2 times, don’t think they get those anymore. I always felt the parties were pretty dry and overpriced. In my opinion a scheme to raise more funds for the club…but where does all the money go?? Rather spend that money on bike upgrades or a fun bike trip.

Not going .
Sure I will find something to do that night.

I have to rearrange my sock draw…damnit!

Yea, that’s it , rearrange my sock drawer.
See, knew I was busy.

Thanks Jim :+1:t2:

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Ah yes…Another rider burned

Yeah man…lets get together and talk about old times.

The registration has been extended to thursday.

At the moment 32 guests are to attend… good for them…they now have a party