Who is doing what

What is going on this weekend?

Almost done with kids spring sports!

Daughter has CYO track regionals on Sat then soccer game in the evening.
Sunday is drive to South Hampton for another soccer game.

Wow. You guys have your hands full.

I did a ride at GR today. For some reason I just could not get into a rhythm. Was going slow and then some guy came up on me quick. I hitched in behind him and was starting to flow… he let me by and I just didn’t feel it. So I stopped and shed my gloves… let a pinch of air out of my fork. …because it felt harsh. And played catch up… but it just wasn’t there…so

Enjoy this awesome weekend

OMG…Hit GR today, but this time on the old clunker…lets talk fast!!

The 26 is so much faster at gr. Spools up real quick and slices and dices the turns like a ginsu knife
and the suspension is so dialed.
good choice for this trail