What's the one thing that would make your riding better

Is it a new drivetrain, helmet, shock, tires, location?

For me I guess it would be time, or a trail closer to home.

What would make my riding better…hmmmm… I would like to think…more time in the saddle, always have to have fresh sneakers on the stead.

My technique and skills are still crisp… but… been lacking time in the saddle.

Probably riding my old single speed and get off my couch(full sus)… I’ve been enjoying all the cush!

The couch takes a different style of riding. dont have to hen peck lines…just bomb straight thru the roots…rocks…the ruff stff or what ever. best part is loading and unloading the suspension to get the bike to do what you want… if you ride hard…it will take a lot of energy to go fast… but well worth it.

Yup, I’ve been riding lazy and I know it. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit and spin. I’ll get motivated soon…

e-bikes in our future

Yo T… we all fall into that burnt out feeling… it kind of makes us forget what we are capable of… Now get on it!

For me it would be more technical terrain and elevation…no surprise B.C. has some of the best riders in the world…going off island vastly improved my skills. I switch the bike I ride to keep my skills sharp…conditioning is easier to achieve then great skillset!