Whats more accurate

Just a thought,

Is a garmin more accurate for mileage or is a good ole fashioned wheel sensor.

I am thinking A wheel sensor because the garmin/GPS can not factor in all the turns and the short up and downs. If the Wheel sensor is set up accurate and correct I believe this is much more true mileage


Hands down old fashioned wheel sensor…properly setup never fails. Those apps always seem to lose 10-20% of the mileage. Funny enough there was a discussion about similiar topic on other forum. The trail steward of Cp doesn’t even know the mileage of his trail…lmao.

Really, you guys think GPS is 10-20% wrong? I’d be surprised if it was that much.

Definitely loses that much. And the more twists and trees there, the worse it gets. I’ve done trails with apps knowing mileage already to compare. It sucks cause it messes up average speed, time splits, etc…the better Garmins I believe use both.

I would say that the GPS is about 10% off. A fine example of that is Cathedral Pines. Cathedral Pines is about 9.5 miles long. That is with a wheel sensor. The guys were using garmins are coming up with about 8.5 miles