What the hell, going tubeless

I ordered tubeless wheelset (new) from eBay and some tires and sealant from Performance. WTB TCS system all around with Shimano hubs. Not an excellent choice out there for those of us still riding 26ers but the overall price of under $300 is pretty good. If anything I’ll lose weight from not carrying around that spare tube in my Camelbak.

I’ll let you know when I have them installed and test ridden.

Quick tips:
1.Get a compressor to set tires.
2. Use soapy water to find leaks and small air bubbles.
3. Set them up without sealant 1st, make sure tire is balanced then add sealant.
4. Don’t forget to air down your tires some (5-10 psi less)
Good luck and enjoy the new setup.

Thanks for the tips.

I just weighed my ride and as it is now it’s 31.4lbs, do you think I’ll shave a pound here?

At least a lb if decent wheelset probably more…

Good deal Tim
I attempted tubeless and for me it didnt work. With my aggressive riding style and my fat butt my tires rolled on the rims and cause the front to push and wallow.
Factor in the tires I used were not Tubeless ready so they had thin side walls which just compounded the situation. Those tires are designed for tubes and the tubes added thickness to the sidewalls.
I tried Hutchinsons, Schwalbe, and kenda tires with no luck.

I was going to use tubeless ready but, those tires are over 100 grams heavier and then if I threw in the Stans (that is what the wtb TCS system is) that would add more weight. I going to guess the tubes is close to the weight of the amount of stans I would add in.

They say added traction, but i dont have issues with traction…so no benefit for me.

Please Post up what you think after you burn a few laps with the new set up. I would be curious to see how you feel about it…Oh and from what I have read about the wtb set up on MTBR, they offer great instructions on how to utilize the system.

When you’re saying compressor… will one of those 12v be good enough?

I use a 5 gal compressor but if your lucky hand pump will work. I’ve done it on tubeless on tubeless setup. They also have new hand pump with an extra barrel to store high pressure specifically for tubeless applications. Bontrager makes one…sure a couple more companies make em now…

OK, time to hit Lowes again. I need dirt anyway.

Tim, Ive used hand pumps.

Well I have the wheelset, the tires, the sealant… but the tape has not arrived yet :rage:


I just hate waiting damnit!

OK, the tape has arrived and I’ll get the new wheels up and running this week barring any issues… There will probably be issues.