What’s going on out there

Weird weather making things interesting. What trails and how are they?

Belle and Overton are the best lately, glacier was decent but had a few slick spots on Friday morning. It’s the typical stay off the mains. Find a ride and enjoy the warm weather!

I’ve ridden G8 and Overton as of late…did Stillwell not too long ago in okish shape. Will try for ES before Sedona trip!!

How is g8 with this spotty rain and general mush?

One of the best draining trails on the Island…just stay away from yellow loop…tends to get mushy from being low in the trail.

That is the north section that flooded? It’s too bad it’s so short but a few laps, then backwards and so on to add it up! We are so lucky to have all these trails

Thru Dec and Jan I was riding Overton. It seemed to always be in excellent condition.

Will be enjoying warmer weather this week and riding some tech trails in Phoenix or Sedona…will be sure to post pics n video.

Sweet! Can’t wait to see the pictures. Watch out for rattlers :snake:

Pics n videos coming soon…waiting for New phone to arrive…got lots of them!!!

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Went to Hempstead Harbor on Sunday…lots of folks were riding and walking…weather was great!! Added a new log roller on the blue line…really liking how this trail is shaping up!!! Hands down has the layout and rocks to be the techiest trail on Long Island. It’s nice to finally see variety of trails on the island…

Enjoying the rocks…


Lil video of me testing it out…still needs clay.

This bike is my fun bike. its insanely light (20.5lbs) and you can feel it when riding it.

Wow that’s super light. You’re all in Fox forks too I see.

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Still riding on my normal schedule, three times a week. Enjoying the 27.5+ Growler hardtail, waiting on a custom steel frame and finally sending back a cracked full sus frame. All and all keeping busy with a stand up jetski project with my son and yard work. My business was all set and ready to have a very busy spring but that has been totally halted with the Corona. Stay healthy and keep riding!!!

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Belle, Belle and Belle… Hopefully the other side stays on it’s own, another nice trail addition! There has to be almost 30 miles and a good portion is hills in keeping with it’s “personality”. So different and so good!

They added more trails??? At this point I feel more mileage there in not needed…better flow and more features would improve that trail.

I like all the mileage and agree that some extensions are meaningless. I ride there a few times a week, skip sections, pick and choose, ride backwards just to keep it different. Flow is not the personality of Belle and that shouldn’t change. If I go ride Glacier or Overton it’s just a lap ride and for me it gets a bit dull…but it’s still all good to ride and have all of these great trails that ride differently!

ES never had flow. Best way to describe it is they took hiking trails and transformed them to MTB trails. Now, I am not saying its bad. Its just not my cup of tea. Though, before I left to go to Florida. I rode ES a lot. Mostly from the trailhead up to where it splits off leading over to the chambers area. I noticed the trail was getting faster… a lot faster with some well deserved go arounds that made it flow better. Needless to say I like fast flowing trails. These trails down here are very much like ES. Hiking trails converted to MTB… super tight and very twisty. The difference here is… One mistake off the trails and you will be hitting roots that will put you on the ground. I have fell victim a few times at sparty speed. Snapped a brake lever set up… not the lever but the Purch! I hit the deck hard!!!