What is your favorite trail

There is always talk of The Best trail

but which trail is your favorite?

Explain why

My favorite trails have been Setauket, CP and Overton.
To choose one would be difficult.
Setauket has been getting fast with great climbs. Some techy stuff, but not much. Its a power trail where muscle is a must.
CP is fast and flowing. This had been honing my skills for judging distance on how close you can bring your bars while leaning your bike to trees
Overton is fun. It appears to be technically challenging, but… Not really. Its a fast trail.

Shoreham used to be fun with the ladders, bridges and A frames, but those were mostly gone and too many changes to the trail ha me staying away. Funny thing. Every time i rode there I would stack up a stick against a tree. One for each ride. I was avg 30 times a year just there alone. So, before you cross over the utility road… if you see those sticks. that was me… so… post up!

Hmmm, favorite trail memories would be CP because that is where I used to ride all the time, from when the trail was brand new.

Right now… Stillwell because it’s fast, has some diversity and can be a bitch in some spots. It’s a trail you have to accept for what it is, washouts and all. It’s all part of the charm!

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Stillwell is the trail! It has been bombed out since I can remember when! awesome trail