What do you guys think of this frame


I can slap on all my good 26" gear (1x11 on the way :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I’m golden. I was also looking at this:


I like Marin…good stuff and well designed

I would consider the Bai. I purchased a WEIL carbon HT frame and love it. It rides well, turns very good, the cable routing is spot on and the quality is awesome.

What I have come to realize is that MOST carbon frames are manufactured in either Taiwan or china. So I accepted the fact that the “WEIL” is a knock off brand of another frame.
Whats the difference?
I do know but for the price I gave it a shot.
What I have found is the ergos are perfect for me and the Geometry is spot on. It is stiff where it should be and giving when I need it to be.

I say “go for it” for that price, put a quality shock on it and ride it like the wind!

Go for the carbon Tim. Stiff, lightweight, and strong, and comfy ride. Carbon layups are really good nowadays. Difference between brand name carbon and knockoffs is finishing, weight, and tube thickness. Between a new frame and 1x expect a sub 28 lb bike. Welcome to the future…we’ve been expecting you!!!

I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger yet but am leaning toward the carbon.