What a Weekend for riding

Took off friday to go a wedding in Jersey. By the time I had gotten home…2am saturday morning

Saturday…Needless to say I hit the trail…sick as a dog…but I rode…ESS

Same trail but most of the southside of NC rd.
I still feel like crapola (stuffy nose, soar throat and sniffles)

My Thumb is still giving me issues from that crash 3 weeks ago at GR…It hurts on bumpy down hills and switchbacks

I am not going to stop riding…Kind of Like that scene from Monty Pythons Holy Grail with the bridge keeper

Bridge keeper…“Come back and fight like a man”

Knight…“but you got no arms and legs”

Bridge keeper…“Come back ill bite your ankles”

I will find a way to ride just because


“You yellow bellied bastard… Have at thee” Lmao… Haven’t seen that movie in years, such a classic.

All of the Monty Python movies were great.
I the best was the Holy Grail

“Killer rabbit…runaway”

“LOOK AT THE BONES!!!” Lol I could keep quotin this movie all day. I always loved the part with the Knights who say Niii. “…and when you find another shrubbery you must also cut down the mightiest tree before it with… A HERRING!!!”