What a surprise!

Was I wanting to get away today, So I say to Loretto…

“Lets get away from it all and go out east to Montauk for a hike?”

With a look of frustration, She reluctantly agrees

Get into the car and start heading east then I pop it on her I need to stop at Kevins house out in Shirley first to Pick up some 1974 Honda CR125M parts first.

We make it to Shirley. Quick stop I get my parts and once again…we restart the trip eastward

Not paying much attention She says “Is it going to be crunch crunch in the snow or is it going to be sloppy”…she needed to know what shoes to wear.

I say it is going to be muddy

But in the past I have always said that Montauk is a different world

and today was no different. Traveling east the snow disappeared!!!

See a few muddy spots in the northwest woods lot as we travel thru Sag. We get into Montauk and stop at Sevs for a quick cup of Joe and I look around…Nothing…no mud no snow.

Back in the car and eastward once again. We get to Camp Hero rd and make the right and find a well secluded parking spot. Out she Jumps and says… “Holy Cow its dry and no snow…sneakers it is”

Now the next choice was North to the seal Haul out or south to the Ocean. This is an easy choice for me. The wind was Howling coming from the north heading south…SO I say south.
She agreed and the Journey Begins with Buddy the wonder dog leading the way.

Today in Montauk No snow, No mud and an absolutely beautiful day…I did kick myself in the arse for not bringing my bike, because we Know a Ride is better than a hike anyday

Posted up pictures on Facebook of the adventure

so…if its muddy next week then I will be in a different world to ride.

That’s great, glad you were able to enjoy the day. I’m looking forward to this crap melting and drying up. With any luck we’ll get some dry days in the spring before it gets hot and buggy out there.

Was going to hit ikt today, but i hate this cold damp stuff.

I did a MVH yesterday. Ran into Indigo…who I have not seen in a while…man she is strong!

Ride went well…Love dry fast trails