What a day at Hitherwoods

Love going out east to Montaulk and hitting Hither woods.

We did a buddy rideHitting many of the trails. Most were welll groomed and in great shape. Sand was minimal (if any at all), Climbs were short and breath taking and the single track was fast.

Trail Map can be located here Hither woods lee Koppleman trail map

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HitherHillsTrailMap(1).pdf (776.4 KB)

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Wow that is one detailed map!

NFN…While riding i noticed a lot of cool areas for future trails.

Easy additions that would add a ton of fun

Did you take any pictures? Share please.

I took a few.
They are on my phone

I will

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Beautiful day out there it looks like

Beyond incredible!

Look how clear that water is!

Thank you for the awesome map!

Joe Is back…welcome back

Yeah the map is awesome!

Thanks amigo, glad to be back where it all started.

Where are you pulling teeth now?

I have seen you lots of times in Sev’s on the corner of Edgewood and 25 in the AM, Im guessing your on your way to work.

I live in Smithtown and have two offices. One in Smithtown and one in Jericho. I don’t pull teeth, now I am a specialist in root canals. I usually stop by the 7-11 on my way to work. I guess I;m really zoned out in the morning till I get that first cup. Next time say hi!