Went with new style of grips

Been using FMF 909 grips for the last number of years. Usually getting 3 months out of them before they were trash.

Grips have served me well

Just went back to Oury Waffle grips.

Reason being is I dont like wearing gloves. With the 909 grips they would become slimey on hard rides and even more so down here were it is hot.

Theory is the waffles will let my hands breath better and i will be able to maintain control

Go old school mushroom for gloveless.

I will have to check those out on line. TIA

ESI has been my go to. Silicon I believe gets tacky with moisture. Don’t quote me on this since I wear gloves all the time when I ride.

I will give them a look. Thanx

Well, that was a flop. These grips pool up with sweat in the waffles. They work great when dry… but on a Humid day with light rain, not so good. Next up Mushies!