Weekend riding plans?

So where is everyone riding this weekend? Sure it’s not in the 70s but you gotta ride what you’re given.

I’ll likely make a Stilly run Sunday morning, what about you?


Maybe GR or Maybe…MVH…Maybe ESS

Slap that camera on your body and make some videos!

I have a go pro hero. I should.do some videos

But I did do cathedral today.

I got there and was on the trail by 3.
I started with a casual pace up the first climb and picked the pace up but it felt slow.
Passed a few people. Kept on pedaling but still felt slow.
From time to time I backed it off to civilized pace to enjoy the ride. I roll back into the lot and got to my car at 3:37
Whole kit and kabootle in under 40… more like 37 minstrel and I know I can do better.

Funny enough after work went to Cp and went to see some old faces at a certain fest…lol. Didn’t ride until my friend Dave got there. He demoed a fatty and I demoed a 650b+ both from a newer company called Advocate. Real nice bikes made from steel. Went in and blazed that trail…was riding incredibly well. Hadn’t been there in months. Was easily in the high 30s. I heard Loretto won a golden shovel…about time!

On a demo and fat bike that is nothing shy of incredible.

That puts you in a very elite status

Yes Loretto got the word today from Debbie orourke

Hey congrats to her!

Also, you guys are too fast, eat more burgers.

She definitely deserved the shovel. One.of.the hardest working stewards I know as well as a really strong advocates for mtb.

Thanx on the time
I know that I am.close to the KOM time with my times. Pretty much rubbing elbows with some of the fastest guys on long Island.

But I am on my my bike and have it dialed spot on

Kenny… didn’t you race the beginner class last year and get like an 8th… that’s a pretty big step fwd on times …congrats to you man …
Soon you will be on the cover of mountain bike action … keep it.up

Ah guys, just post your times from you Garmin or something that might be a better way to measure.

I haven’t ridden CP in years and it was my real first “trail” and my old favorite. How is it holding up now that so many are riding the other two trails close by now?

The only stat I ever care about is time…mileage can be lost. If you know mileage then time is all you need. Cp is holding up well…did notice some features missing…not that it had many to begin with. I actually took 5th and had a horrible start. Was dead last in the pack…they grouped all the Cat 3s together. Bad race layout gave no passing opportunities and they didn’t include the most technical sections. The only person who would have gave me a good run was dead 1st at the start and has moved on to 50 and 100 mile races. But nowadays I focus more on overall skill set then pure speed.

I focus on getting up the hills and enjoying the rides down. I only stop once at Stillwell now and that is to make sure the camera is still recording. All-in-all that’s a big win for me.

Anyway, with luck I’ll be on the trail tomorrow morning trying not to fall on my knee pads. I’ll do one loop and maybe even the last black diamond because it’s been awhile… I do hate that last climb though :disappointed_relieved:

CP is Holding up kind of like Stillwell
Everything is worn, but the trail is still fast and flows great…Lots of the Turns I was able to get the laid over far to put the wheels in a 2 wheel slide, but it was controllable. Most of the elevations changes are pretty warn, which made the uphills and down hills easy and fast.

My times are my times. I am not a techno weenie and I invite everyone to ride with me,

KOM time with strava is 38:38 for CP…but lots of the fast guys do not strava. I know of one guy who posted a high 36 at CP and it was not posted with strava

oh that last climb out of stilly…Usually at CO Max before hitting that and BAMB…sucking for every last bit of oxygen one can get :ambulance: