Vision Triple crown

I have been debating about bringing back the Triple crown that I had originally done years ago.

Traditionally I had done it the week after the belmont stakes. It was inspired By Funny cide (2003) and Smart jones (2004). This was also the same years when Tiger had the Tiger slam. These Inspired me to come up with Long Island MTB triple crown The Original Trails were Setauket, Cathedral and then Rocky Point (this is how Rocky Point became known as the Jewel…“the jewel in the crown”)

Any thoughts?

Ambitious. You could minimize driving by doing Cathedral, GR and Overton.

Hmmmmmm… all in same day, or same week?

That would be 3 trails in one day.

It’s really a lot of fun.

I really liked the Grand Slam format we did last year. Glacier Ridge into Overton then finishing up with Cathedral Pines.

Did you guys ride over to Cathedral or drive? Close enough I guess but I’m old and probably would really like the car drive with the AC cranking :wink:

We drove to Cathedral…some people use the road as added mileage but it’s mtbing, lol.

I entertained a grand slam (4 trails) but time would not permit

I always drive.

Originally it was rolands (Capt endo) idea to ride to the trails. Tim…you can do it!!!