Ut oh...............here it comes

No No No !
O-boy it’s gonna snow.

yeah…snow saturday then changing to rain!

I am hoping for all rain

I am hoping for four hours of riding weather for Sunday morning.

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It’s crazy, we’re going to spike up to 60 on Sunday and then down to the 30s again on Monday!

yeah…its insane!

I am almost tempted to buy a sled for this winter…something fast and something with heated grips!

Whole lot of nothing.
It was fun playing with the snow blower.

Yeah it melted off by this morning.

best snow storms ever…it snows then melts!

I did not really expect it to be this cold today though :man_with_gua_pi_mao:

I am hoping a break this weekend…cause i just gotta ride

More snow today.
Going to hit the local trail with my daughter have some fun.

Good luck, I just took down the Christmas lights and grabbed a beer.

Can’t wait to see some images.