UGH...... "Ride another day"

Hit Setauket yesterday with the new bars.

29" wide Race Face Carbon NEXT.

No way in the world do I need bars that wide for Long Island single track. Found absolutely no advantage with them that wide…well maybe opened my chest up a little so I could breath better. After the ride I got home and cut about an inch off both sides to bring them to 27. This is about the same width of the prior bars I had last week before they broke.

This Morning I was all loaded up and ready to ride before the storm. It piss poured rain and I was still hankerin for a spin…Back to ES for a blast. Went in about 4 miles and it was just one big long puddle.
Not good.
I hit the power lines and figured I would just tool around. That didnt work, so back to the car and off to Shoreham.
That is always the perfect go too when there was some rain and as usual no disappointment…except, the trail is so over grown. I tooled around for about an hour and then called it quits because of the growth and a shit load of downed trees… so…steer clear.

I did notice the bars are perfect now for LI single track. Wide enough for better control, but not too wide for fast switchbacks.

cant wait to get out tomorrow.

so, setauket Last Friday, saturday and today.

Been riding quite a bit…I guess.

saturday was incredible… Setauket, a taste of shoreham and then the calverton …grumman. all day riding.

sunday was GR…

so the last 4 days…ride ride ride.

I’ve been rocking Next bars for years…have them on my 29er(27.5") and on my fatty (uncut). Over 28" and certain spots on certain trails become arduous. I do love the width for cornering, stability, drops, and overall torque. But… you have to adjust stem length accordingly. As far as riding and gym decided to take a week off due to high humidty. Still playing soccer though. Prob hit Bethpage on Saturday…

What brand are those?? Look like Chinese knockoffs…defitnely not Race Face. I have yet to crack any carbon…knock on aluminum…lol.

The speed I was going and the way I landed… any type of bar would have bent or broke. I have bent plenty of bars in my life time.

I’ve seen carbon crack plenty…bars, frames, wheels, forks, etc…just not the usual spot for bars. They tend to give out by the brake levers…at least you didn’t get impaled…seen that happen too…not pretty!! With carbon it’s super important to tighten to specified torque or face the consequences…careful folks…