Trek Rail ebike... sexy beast

As far as these things go, it’s pretty sexy and not-so-obviously an ebike. First Ride Review: Trek's long-travel Rail e-MTB -

Never tried an E-bike, I’m sure thier fun in thier own way.

I witnessed my first ebike today. I just don’t get it but it was an older(60ish?) guy and the funny part was watching him load it in the van, a bit cumbersome. I’m sure they will be getting more popular in time and it may extend my riding life at some point.

My thoughts too. When we’re geezers we’ll be thanking the day the old-guys and fat-asses of today made these things a reality.

There is a guy by the name of doug henry.

Professional motocrosser.

Crash and broke his back. From the crash he legs are paralized.

He uses an ebike

Tou can see his videos on youtube.

Ebikes give people who cant a chance. Lets hope the development does not create abuse