Trail work in CLIMB Newsletter

Not sure if you guys still get this, but if you are interested there is a lot of trail work coming up. You can probably find the newsletter, or more info on their site.

I know there’s friction, don’t put it in here please. Just posting in case someone wants to join them.

It is always good to Help. Climb Needs help…NOT MONEY… So don’t feel guilty if you cant chip in and Don’t throw money at them to make yourself feel better (They get enough donations from sources in the industry… I Know).

I have done enough in the past… I will be riding.

I help maintain Glacier 8 year round and give a hand at Mlp…it’d be nice to get some tools, water, Clif bars etc… from said organization…:thinking:

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I have to send you guys new shirts. I have them, just need to get them in the mail.

New shirts…did you redesign anything?? Awesome either way…Thanks Tim.

Not trying to start anything here. But tools, food etc… is usually given out at arranged trail work paries sanctioned by CLIMB trail stwerards. Please don’t quote me on this as i believe this is how that works. If you would like to know you can always ask the prez as I’m sure he can give you an exact answer.

Again not starting anything. Just chiming in.

Happy trails.

They know, they know. It’s all good.

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Same shirts, just new and not sweaty.

Well…Will is the sanctioned Trail steward. And in all my years helping out have never seen anything given to the crew at Glacier 8. Heck not even a trail party has been put together. And I don’t ask for handouts…just feel there should be some appreciation for the people who sacrifice thier time, money, and effort to make a trail better. Actually all the tools that are used… we have bought ourselves. And that’s the reason certain people choose not to be part of an organization that wants help but won’t help in return. One hand washes the other!

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I understand that Kenny. Ask Will, he may have more information. I appreciate all you do and have done in the past with helping me.

By the way i look forward to seeing what you have done with Till We Dye.

Talk soon.

Thanks Mike…and it’s Til We Dye…ha ha. And there’s new stuff in the works…can’t wait for the festival.

See you on the trails, and at thr fest.

I would love a shirt. Definitely will be sporting it at the races…

Guys, this is a well worn path regarding the past and what has happened. Let’s not go down it again. I merely posted this in case someone wanted to get involved, not the someones in this thread.

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