Trail Reports for NWW and RP

Trail reports for
Northwest woods
Road there yesterday and I can say that this trail is riding fast and in great condition. Nothing new…and if I would say there is a problem its too much sand now a days

Rocky Point
Trail is as fast as ever with nothing new or Surprises. … But I can say this trail is in need of a trim. West side has a lot of face slappers which had me bobbing and weaving as if i was in a boxing match. the only place I feel is OK is all the parts i trimmed last year with loretto…

but who am i too say

Thanks for the update! What’s the total distance on RP nowadays?

total distance is close to 22 miles.

spoke to some pretty strong riders last sunday at GR.

to be clear… I did NOT engage the conversation, but was warned to stay away because of High grass and extremely tight trails. This made it easy to pick up ticks and chiggers they said.

We know Ticks are on the rise on Long Island. Please take proper precautions.


Ticks are just insane the past few years. Honestly, I would take the repercussions of killing all ticks and mosquitoes. Yes it would be hard on a few animals, but we’re held hostage by these little fuckers!

The unfortunate part is… Listen, I have trimmed the trails for quit some time. Its gotta be done in the spring…and its gotta be done so the trail is wide enough. It will grow back. That is a fact… I did it in rain storms…blistering heat and when we had rainy season.

Its an over whelming Job for the stewards (who do a good job on such a large trail)… I know… I participated. Its a very unrewarding job …so…

I steer clear of RP till i see fit. I do a lot of hiking in RP after the first frost

We are held Hostage. Loretto was bitten by a tick and now has Babesiosis