Took the hardtail for a ride

Took the hardtail for a loop around GR yesterday. Its a full on carbon frame with 26" wheels, Fox fork, carbon bars and full xtr…with Schwalbe Nobby Nick in the front and Racing Ralph in the back
Bike is insanely light

Thing is flickable like nobodies business…accelerates like a cheetah


what a ruff ride…this thing beat the shit out of me… and the damn tires suck! they pushed and slid in every corner…BOOOOOOO
took this bike because i was doing a recovery ride to loosen up after pulling a muscle in my knee thursday. I had to cut the ride short because …i was not feeling it with this bike.

took out the spider today… what a difference!

Yeah I don’t know I could ride without a suspension any more.

Different bikes have different feel. Riding my fatty I realized improved grip, climbing, and power transfer…but in chattery stuff was wishing for suspension. Riding a rigid will give you super clean lines and good body control…