Took the hardtail for a loop

Went out to the local trail today on the hardtail.

Holy crap did it beat the living crap out of me.

Flat straights were fast and furious… single track is littered with… I call them roots, but they are more like mounds. Ranging from 8" to a foot high. Best part is how tight the trails are. Absolutely no room to over shoot them because of the way the palms grow. Over shoot a turn and your in the fan palms hitting trunks of trees that grow horizontal… and these things have 3" thorns. So… no pushing the turns out just aint happening. If you don’t have skill or if you have
Super wide bars or cant turn… you aint going fast and if you try… your gunna be on the ground. Believe me, They are tight.

The down hills are only 10 or so feet high max, but not one smooth hill. All are a bit techy with roots… lots of roots.

So, the carbon hardtail beat the piss out of me today… holy crap! Thank god I recover fast… tomorrow FS day for sure.

The other day was funny. This huge 5’ snake crossed the trail in front of me. The area is known for Diamond backs. I am hoping it wasn’t one. This same trail has a section called hochi mim that goes along a creek… i usually slow a bit (before the drop in)at that point to take a gander at the gators…

Riding hear is fun and its always interesting.