Too young to ride hard?

A 10 year old was recently hurt at Meadowlark Park. Apparently he hit a tree and had to be taken out by emergency vehicles. He was then taken by helicopter to the hospital. I hear he’s gonna be ok…which is great to hear.
So on the other forum someone posted this:

“10 yr boy shouldn’t be riding at that park. That park is way too advance for a child that age.”
I totally disagree with this statement as this person probably hasn’t ridden Dh or bike parks to see what young bucs can do these days. I’ve seen 10 year olds hit 10 ft drop and do crazy tricks. I’ve also seen little kids on bmxes clean Meadowlark. People need to expand their horizons and get off the island. Put some mountains back into mountain biking!!

I think it’s ok for them to ride but it has to be within their abilities. If anything, like 80% on the edge with that extra 20% to save their ass if it goes south.

It could have just as easily been a 25 yo and trees sometimes happen.

At 10 I was racing expert class BMX and doing jumps and bunny hops over objects I wouldn’t and couldn’t do today. Crashing happens it’s unfortunate the kid got hurt but not really age related.

I agree,age had nothing to do wit it… When I was 6/7 we all worshipped Evel Knievel and watched every appearance he made on Wide World of sports,then we went outside,made ramps to the best of our abilities and took flight,resulting in many scrapes,bruise and contusions and we all survived… We never cried to our mommies,cause we knew we would no longer be allowed to have that fun if they found out how we got hurt

Ha, so true! “So how did you get that bruise on your knee son?”, “Oh, I, ah, ah, fell off the stoop from some leaves that were slippery…”