Too quiet in here

What’s going on fellas. I’m going to try and squeeze a ride in tomorrow. Hopefully the planets will align.

Yesterday did a quick ride at Edgewood after work. Part of it in the dark…lol. Really like some of the newer cuts…have broken in well. Techier than alot of other trails on the island now!! Today did a Makamah ride with my friend Dave from Mlp. We’ll see this weekend…

I want to like Edgewood, I’ve ridden their several times and there are parts that just make me smile. Then there are parts that make me frown and wonder what the heck were they thinking when they cut this.

I haven’t been back since the weeds really took off. I’ll hit it again next spring after the cold kills the growth and biting things.

I felt the same about edgewood. It is for the most part poorly laid out. The 2 times I have ridden there I glanced around and saw plenty of features and sections that could be added utilizing some of the landscape.

As a person who was VERY involved with climb one of my gripes was “Its fantastic you/we are acquiring all these riding areas, but we need people to volunteer to maintain the trails”
Now its more complex than that. I could go into great detail of what I have witnessed and experienced, but that would just make me look like a whiner/complainer/ass. What it comes down to is people are chased away from the inner circle (Much like myself who was Trail Patrol, trail ambassador, Trail Steward, Activist, motivator, and a strong advocate) and no longer want to get involved with maintaining the trails for an orginization that is supposed to be “Of the community”. Fortunate for me I have a strong love for giving and helping. To this day I still maintain RP with trimming and such…but edgewood is lacking an enthusiastic member to maintain it. Also eastport and Calverton are lacking. I understand why and can appreciate those reasons…for this I refuse to ride edgewood and eastport

Edgewood was actually in pretty good shape and way less overgrown than other trails. The newer diamonds actually use more of the landscape but are very different than original 5.25 mile loop. Certain parts could use some sculpting, berms, and better log rolls. Nothing an NBC squad can’t handle. Eastport has been a lost cause and nothing special even in it’s hey day. I do enjoy the variety of trails on the island…God bless the folks who ride the same 2-3 trails for eternity…variety is the spice of life.