To Ebike or not?

There has been great discussion on Ebikes.

Some people are for them and others against them.


My thought… It gives some people the advantage to actually ride in the trail. Some people who dont have the strength or in other cases completely not able too. We promote Green and…these bikes are completely green with as much carbon foot print as a MTB… so in the end I dont care…others just want to complain
This is a good example of…someone who cant who does…

E bikes, it’s another choice just like a hardtail, full suspension or single speed. I think it’s an issue when it becomes more of a motor and pushes the speed too much. In the last 15 years 29ers are “straightening” out our trails, wide bars are “changing lines” and now more power up and more speed with a motor will affect our trails. Just look at Belle, every corner that did not have flow or those ever tight trees are all getting smoothed out. I guess change is just inevitable…

Yes… I had a conversation WIth brian from carl hart. He said the same as you did… Trails are evolving to accommodate the new bikes. Of course I am a conventionalist …So it bothered me… sweeping turns… lines changing…but, I cant stop it.

its inevitable. I also Kind of feel the same way about fat bikes… but for me accept or get pissed
on a side note, Me, Joey D and Dennis R were doing a lap around RP 2 years about. There was a guy infront of us who was climbing super fast…but sucked on the down hills… couldnt figure out why till I got a close look at the bike… Ebike. I was pleases to see he was having a good time…he was not digging up the trail like a dirt bike!

Assist is ok, dirt bike with no pedaling is not ok.