Ticks more than usual

I’ve been reading about how experts are saying due to the warmer weather and the abundance of acorns the past year, this year will have a ton of tick out there because the animals that eat acorns have multiplied so much. I think at this point it’s common sense to spray yourself down, at least from the knees down, before a ride. I know I do.

I have been shaving my legs and this has cut down on ticks.
I also do not stop on the trail.

From my experience. Stoping to drink or rest is an invitation for ticks. Its almost as if ticks jump from the side of the trail onto stopper by’s. Also with the shaving of my legs there is nothing to cling onto.

I was at manorville saturday. Flipped my bike over to do a flat repair and found a tick climbing on my frame.
I crashed pretty hard and tumbled thru the weeds and found no ticks on me…so…it makes me wonder

Which trail has the most ticks? And which trail has the least amount of ticks?

For most, I would say Eastport. For the least, I would say Stillwell.

I had so many ticks on me after an Eastport ride, I thought I was going to die! Never got one at Stillwell in the 22 years I’ve been riding there!

What is everyone else’s opinion on trails for the most and least ticks?

Eastport for sure, I agree.

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Eastport…is that even rideable?

MVH parking lot…once again…just standing there 2 lone star ticks and one deer…but none on the trail.

GR, Never found none tick on me

same with stilly or BP

How are the critters looking out there? I just saw another report in the news saying it’s pretty bad.

yeah…the hype is up. One of my good buddies went metal detectig and picked up a few…so…they are out there

funny story

Went for a road ride in nissequogue and had a tick latch onto me

On the road?? Holy cow.