Tick tock goes the clock

Last 2 weeks its been rough to find time to ride. Been packing and stuff. Before that I was hitting setauket a couple of times a week and mostly CP on the weekends. Been steering clear of GR. I am totally burnt on that trail… hit it quite a bit…

also bummed about the bike. I have a new frame coming. Went with a carbon spider, almost popped on a sniper. Still not sold on 29 yet…hell, Im faster on the 26 than the 27.5!
Then again… I love the Tracer… awesome bike!

Did get to hit GR today though. For the first time ever, I did a slow ride and just enjoyed the living fuck out of it. turned the wick up a couple of times… but really not to Sparty Speed.

Time is ticking away… Soon, real soon.