This weather sucks

It’s bad enough we’re getting all the wind and rain, this low temperature really sucks. Lots of riding to do and kids sports on the weekend - it’s going to be messy!

OMG, I went out to MVH yesterday. I had made it about 7 miles in…then bailed down fire road #4 the head wind made it feel below freezing…Not good. SO today I did a double spin class

I read that we might be getting another polar vortex heading our way around Sunday… great.

Tim I swear to you, I hate this weather. No ambition to ride and really hating the gym.

Our resident Weatherman has been on a hiatus.

I’ve seen snowy weather forecast for this Saturday… That’s opening day for Little League and soccer :rage:

…and it’s raining again. Can’t seem to catch that much of a break.

It seems to stop after 4pm…night ride possibilities. Rest of the week looks good. Stillwell, Glacier Ridge, Glacier 8 are all great drainers.