This March weather bites

I really thought we we done with this but it looks like winter is staying around a little longer.

LOL…1978…april…3 feet of snow. Winter ends when she wants

Go get a ride in at Glacier before the storm! Nice night ride yesterday and a fatty is not required. Heading to Belle tonight

Hardcore, I envy you a little. Have fun!

It’s just a MTB ride…an adventure, moonlit nite time, riding trails backwards, different riding conditions. This is MTB at its best, not just a lap time at trail or the same old same old. It’s a ride so it has to be good!!!

awesome triple…
My rides in the cold are usually at the gym. All the years of being on 2 wheels, I lost the flavor of excitement of riding in the cold and rain/mud. I do enjoy night time ventures though…which reminds me.
The Last Ride we did at night at rocky point, the trail was covered with spider webs. I wound up with a spider in my helmet the size of a silver dollar. Loretto and I stopped and I asked her…“is there a spider in my helmet”…she said “Take your helmet off now”…I repeated “Is there a spider in my helmet”…she repeated “Take your helmetoff”
I took my helmet of and the spider was huge!!!

That’s funny about the spider. I know what you mean about the unbridled excitement, it has waned over the years as kids have sucked the energy out of me. I hopeful that they will catch the bug and I can recapture that sense of riding wonder with them.

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I remember when I first started riding MTBs back in the early 90s (circa 91) Heading out to stilly…doing a loop and then heading south to BP. The trail was muddy thatthe mud would fly off the dart front tire with grass and leaves…it would cake up on the straddle cables below the chill pill and eventually clog the wheels and keep them from moving…I was with my buddy danny and we would look at each other and say…“Man this is so awesome” it was just like racing moto in the mud

I remember heading out to Calvy with Dmack and cory. They had studded tires and I had bled my tires down to about 10lbs and were riding on an ice covered trail…what a blast!!!

Now I just hate the cold and dont want to damage my expensive drive train

Those were the days! Stillwell… unload at Rita’s dirty dog wagon, just pedal north and figure out a route, get lost and head back to the lot to see Doug and Linda fixing bikes and selling funky colored skewers out of the back of a wagoneer!!! Those were truly the good old days


Doug and Linda selling out of the back of thier vehicle!

Thats when Greg hooked them up thru Service Cycle.

My younger Brother was really tight with them back then. Joe, My Brother told me when he first met them…they were riding something like huffys.

That’s before my time although I do remember riding Stillwell with Dmack at least once in the late 90’s.