Things in the parking lot at RP

For some time now we have been finding discarded condoms in the 25a over flow lot at RP.

About a week and a half ago we saw a BMW in the lot with one person straddled atop the other.

Then the last few weeks we have been finding a lot of them in the main lot on RP road.

I am really begining to think that Prostitutes are using these Lots for their “Johns”

Not the kind of riding you’d expect to find there…

Brings new meaning to Rocky Point Moguls. I would inform the DEC of the activity you suspect. They are limited in their resources but maybe they could send a cruiser by. Also the local Police.

Loretto has been on it, just making everyone aware

Great not only do we gotta worry about ticks and mosquitos when we’re riding there but now crabs too? What is this world comin too I asks ya!!!

Yeah, I dont know. What I do know is the police are aware, but are not really putting an effort in. Guess when someone gets hurt then they will make an effort.