The old school ride is now #notubes

The deed has been done, I am now tubeless.

Look at the difference between old vs. new WTB Vigilante 2.3

Finally, here it is looking meaner:

Lookin good Tim!! Nice choice on plumpy tires. They grip amazing and offer a much plusher ride. Plus tires nowadays are pretty light to boot. I’m sure you’ll notice and Love the new setup…congrats!!! Oh…what’s the new weight??

Haven’t checked yet but will soon

OK I just checked the weight and… it’s exactly the same! 31.4lbs That’s cool though because I think I’m going to see a massive increase in traction from these beasts which at Stillwell will mean much better climbing.

The tires held pressure overnight so I’m hoping it’s all set now - can’t wait to try it out but will have to for a few days :sob:

Tires are massive!

Let us know how you like the new set up.

All this rain is my fault because it started after I changed the tires :frowning:

The rear tire rubs the suspension arm, I have to dish it I guess.

ut oh
I am guessing it rubs on 1 side

I would suggest my bro can dish it or Bring it to Twin Forks…