The changes and what's next for the 1999 Marin East Peak

I’ve had my bike for a long time now, it’s actually my first serious bike and at this point I don’t see any reason to part with it - it’s in great shape! I’m also a tweaker, I like to tinker, to make things better. With that in mind I began making changes to the East Peak a few weeks ago starting with going tubeless. That transition was fine actually and so far the WTB wheelset and tires have been holding air perfectly. A couple rides in and the change is traction is very noticeable.

The next change was replacing the old, tired Fox Vanilla Float rear shock that came with the bike. Sure I could have sent it away to get rebuilt but there were really no adjustments to be had with this shock, no lockout and very little rebound settings. Amazon had a shock with some good reviews that was very well priced so that was purchased and added to the bike.

While looking to shed some weight I moved from an Easton stem and handlebar to some Chinese carbon fiber replacements that are surprisingly well made and a lot lighter.

Next up was the drive system. The sad, old, clunky 3x9 system just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Missed shifts, too many gears and too much weight. Time for a change and a Shimano XT 1x11 drive was the perfect choice. It’s installed and while not trail tested, a few rides around the block and I’m convinced this was a great way to go.

What’s next? I think that the budget RockShox Psylo XC from 2002 is too heavy and just not good enough. The 100mm of travel is fine but it’s not that responsive and is getting old in the tooth. Time to hit eBay!

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I’ll update the first thread later but here’s what is coming: new saddle that shaves 200 grams, new Rock Shox SID Team 26, new XT brakes and rotors and finally, a Thomson Masterpiece seatpost. Sweet right? That should bring me down close to 27 lbs which for a full suspension bike pre-2000 is pretty damn good.

Sounds like an obsession.

If you put on lighter tires I am sure you could bring it down more. Throw on some Ti bolts , Aluminum front axle, Ti rear axle, Aluminum cassette body and you will be down close to 25.

Nah, just seeing how reasonably low I can get it with simple upgrades.

So far so good!

Keep us posted

The Thomson Masterpiece seatpost arrived and while it’s pretty bad-ass and pretty, the weight savings is underwhelming. There’s just a 93 gram difference between it and the stock Marin aluminum seatpost :cry:

Here’s the RockShox SID on the bike. Waiting for the new brakes to come before I can take it out for a ride. The old brakes need an adapter for the fork and I can’t find one locally. New brakes next week.

How does the SID perform?

I like the look

Just a little spin around the block so hard to judge at this point.

Ah… Well cowboy what are you waiting for…The trail awaits

No brakes. I’m going to put the Psylo back on until the brakes arrive.

I just recently upgraded to same drivetrain, what a pleasure shifting with the xt.

Yeah the 1x11 XT is nice and smooth for me too. I do not miss the 3x8 at all.

3x8 had funky gearing. The cassette had big gaps between the gears. 9 Speed was so much better. I could only imagine how a 10 speed is on a MTB…never mind 11

After a couple of rides in the trails on new 1x11 I had to get it readjusted. I had problems with the last 4 gears. Wouldn’t let me settle into them. I thought my detailed was bent or maybe spacers between crank and frame had to be moved, ended up just being the cable had to be tightened. After that it was fine.

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