The best riding day of the year, maybe

Seriously, could it have been any better than this morning? I hit Stillwell Woods around 8:30am and the temp was in the mid 60s and the sky was clear. While it might have been breezy on a field, the trail was not at all. The trail was a little loose but I have to say this was my best Stilly ride of the year, the fastest, the strongest I’ve felt and just a plain old smiling on the trail kind of ride.

I have some 360 video I’ll get up this week that should rock. Stay tuned.

Hell ya it was

Gotta love stilly!

I did a GR and then RP today

My GR lap was intervals…mostly because it was a recovery day, because a hurricane hit MVH yesterday.

MVH was a blur…lap was freaking fast

Wow that’s a ton of riding!

I did some laps at Mlp with the boys yesterday. Trail was in pretty good shape, lil dry in spots.

Got an after work ride with my friend Dave at Stilly yesterday. Trail was in superb shape and got 2 laps in. Today got a late afternoon ride with Dave at Blydenburg.

On Sunday did a ride from Trailview to Stillwell. My friend Jared started at Trailview with me and we met Dave at Stilly. Almost crashed into some of the Junkie crew on Trailview…we really shouldn’t have any two way trails…makes no sense. Did some laps at Stilly…trail was riding superbly. I was on my fatty which destroys Stillwell at any time. There was tons of folks out and the sun was shining. Both trails are riding very fast and the leaves are pretty broken down. Go get some!!

Thanks, that’s good to know about the leaves which are a major annoyance :grimacing: