That Oh-Crap moment when you're crashing

Had a spill at Stillwell last week and here’s the moment of no return:


I recognize that spot…oopsy

Yeah it’s funny, it was a combination of things that caused this. The front tire was way too low. I was having problems with the dropper sticking (you’ll see me thumbing the lever before the crash). I was heading into a sandy turn a little too hot. The knee pads saved me some skin here.

At stilly I run around 38lbs in the front.

back varies.

Stillwell is fast and i dont want the tire to roll over the rim

Crashes suck…but happen from time to time. Sometimes their instantaneous and sometimes time seems to almost freeze. I’ve had some good ones at Stillwell…lol. Worst part is the aftershock effect you get from really bad ones…they’ll effect your riding and mindset for awhile. I tend to look for grip and protection whens it comes to pressure. I usually run 10-23 psi depending on which bike I’m on, all tubeless.

38 psi in the front that’s crazzy. I run 28 29 in the front

I tried a lower pressure and its fine if im tooling around. I do not enjy the wallow and I do not like to be on my ass because the tire squished under the rim. I tried the ghetto and the tires are not firm enough with the this side walls which only compounded the situation

When I am going at sparty speed…i want my bike at 100%