Tantrum #2.... Yea tough year on frames!

Well it’s been a fun few weeks receiving my replacement frames! Here is my “couch”, it’s a mixed wheel goofy full suspension bike, 29"/27.5", 140mm frt/160mm rear. We sized this frame up to a medium. It’s certainly overkill for local trails but it’s actually a fun, quick handling ride.

Funky bike just missing a dropper…like the Paint!!

Thanks! It’s a fun bike and just eliminates rocks and roots but is still fun. The new geo is something to get used to. Learning to trust that front wheel, it’s so far out there. I haven’t tried a dropper yet, just don’t see the benefit on local trails. I don’t get too much air and like my wheels on the ground. Someday I’ll try one!

Sick looking bike, I like it.

Cool… Big hit!

Went with the shorter for to not rake out the front with the bigger wheel… Hmmmm
DO you feel the Gyroscopic effect of the wheel when turning?

Enjoy it.

Thanks and thanks! I’m still getting used to it’s handling. Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m feeling at this point. Front felt way out there initially but the more I push the bike the more it digs in and rails. Went over to the west side of Belle today and it definitely felt more in it’s element. The West side is now my new favorite as it has a few more additions. I’d be curious to try an angle headset to pull the front in a tiny bit. Better yet, I’ll just ride it and gave some fun! Get out for a ride and stay healthy. RRR

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