Talk about rain

Its the rain season down here. I have never seen anything like it.Trails get swamped like nobodies business. they actually have been closing some trails.

Long Island drains way better.

On a side note. I have to say, you have to be way more disciplined in controlling where you point your bike when the trails are dry. These Maritine Hammocks are thick and dense. The Palms cut like razors. Miss your mark by one inch and its a trip over the bars into thick palms… At sparty speed it has Humbled me… very challenging and very fun. Between the wind… yes the wind in the trail… and the soft sugar sand it feels like continued climbing…damn!

Florida rain is intense. I lived down there for two years and remember having to pull the car over because you couldn’t see the road.

you aint kidding… sounds great on the roof though!

Rain season is over. It was pretty bad this year. Trails have been flooded.

Hell, my lawn has ruts from the damn lawn mower!

Looking forward to getting back to riding.

Rain and wind here. Had a tree fall and take out two vehicles in the driveway. Missed the house though.

Stay safe and protect the bikes… cars can be replaced with insurance LOL