Talk About a total rush

Its pretty awesome
Fort Pierce AKA “The fort” runs different Directions each day of the week.
Monday, Weds, Friday and Saturday runs Counter clockwise
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday run Clockwise.
So Friday was the countrer day and Coming up to the Small climb I was going Slow because this is where Momma hangs out.
I came up on her and she was resting in the water just inches off the trail edge. This time of the year she usually has all the Babies Hanging out on her back while sun bathing… cool sight to see.
Sunday is opposite direction… I came down the small hill, but something told me to go slow… and I did!
Momma was in the middle of the trail and was less then 10 feet from me!!!
She saw me and jumped in the water.
What I come to realize is Gators are just as afraid of people as People are afraid of them…

But it is still an awesome site to see!

Just an FYI. Gators usually dont eat meat until they are well over 6 foot long… Momma is over 6 foot…

At the fort there is a section that crosses under … what I call “The expressway” but most people call I95 and this section is called “Bay of Pigs”
Wanna guess why? Yes Pigs and usually lots of them!!!
SO, In the bay of Pigs ATT there is a Hill called Everest (which is nothing like shorehams Everest).
On the counter clock days a rider exits a turn and immediately climbs a short but steep hill, which for me is super easy… then once at the top immediately you hit a very steep down hill that is kind of short, but not as short as the uphill side.
Guess what?
Clockwise days its opposite.
That steep downhill is a killer up hill that few people can climb.
I avg about 75-80% of succeeding (pending weather conditions).
Yeah, I made it up both days… but its always a blast!!!
but once winded at the top you immediately speed down the other side into a sharp Right handed turn… Lots of fun!

At 11:19 is the turn into Everest in this videa

The fort with cut out sections

Jim how does this compare to Rocky Point trail ?

Rocky Point is a cadence trail.
Fast and flow.

This trail doesn’t flow all that well and is more of a drag race from corner to corner. Best time I have heard was 32 and change and that was done a couple of years ago before some of the new stuff was added and… more of the roots were exposed.

This trail is WAY more techincal than RP
. I would compare it to Stillwell but much more difficult.
There are Drops that are in very Tricky areas. LOTS of rooted sections which makes for a real challange after a rainy day… Insert slip sliding away. If you lower the pressure on the tires of your ride, then Guess what!
Pinch flats and a lot of Burping.
Lots of Roller coasters

If you are down this way hit me up. I will put you up for a few days and show you around.

The other trails I have been riding are fast with flow, but if you miss your line by an inch you will be taking a dirt sample. The Palmetto trees are very unforgiving and there is NO room for error. I found this out the hard way a bunch of times.