Take the boys out first time on trail... ticks

So about a week ago I took the fellas (9 and 11) to Trail View for a quick ride. First time on a trail. Big guy did ok, was surprised by the descents. Little guy spent a lot of time in the weeds. Get home for shower time and he’s got a tick starting to dig in already. Went to PM Pediatrics and got the mega-dose of antibiotics for him and fingers crossed.

The luck on this was terrible. I fucking hate ticks and mosquitoes. Hate, as in I’d like to eradicate them from the Earth.

I’m with you, get rid of them! The little guy should be ok in that short amount of time but you never know. I became very ill for months (ehrlichiosis) and that lone star tick was only in for a few hours. Four weeks later I was in the ER so watch him carefully. One tick this year from Overtones. F those bugs!

use a spray…and be careful

Yeah and I’m getting long sleeve jerseys for all of us that I’ll treat with permethrin. Fucking hate ticks.

Wow if Stillwell and Trailview are getting ticks we’re fucked…strange since there’s no deer there.