Suspension adjusting with MRP ramp control cartridge

I’m working on the suspension to see if I can’t fine tune it more accurately and easily with a Quarq Shockwiz and in preparation of hooking it up to the Yari fork I bought an MRP Ramp Control Cartridge. I’ll let you know how it goes once I get it in there and start testing.

Changing the volume
So, before forks switched over to this new style of sealed cartridge for and it was open bath. What I did was I raised the oil level in the damper side of fork. what this did was created less air volume to the fork and made the fork stiffer at the last part of travel.
since switching to this new style that option was removed… I also screwed around with oil viscosity by switching to a lighter oil which gave a more supple feel on small bumps.

also Knowing I was using air and not nitrogen I dialed for fork for when it heated up and the air expanded(More noticeable with a shock).
Now the fork oil viscosity can be messed with but the air volume in the damper cant. Which leads me to wonder how this does that.
There must be a some sort of way where the knob is turned and a plug is moved up and down the control body to change volume.