Story Behind Sparty speed

A number of years back Artie was out riding with his daughter. She was young and new to biking. She sped off as fast as she could screaming Sparty Speed.

It was funny and cute and it just kind of stuck.

This was back in the day when riders had [sic] respect and were not obstreperous. It became a regular saying when rides were posted.
The usual was is this going to be a Sparty speed ride, If so, I am out. The best was the you will be dropped if you pop ride or the Pirate tag or the Vision benefit ride at CP (this one was good. The Person who did the most laps (insert 7) received a autographed thong from the girl riders… wink, wink…Thank you Bean)… who remembers Thong thursday… OMG!

Anywho, Artie was a strong rider and a lot of fun to hang with. Did a lot of rides with him. He was a great guy to ride with!