Stillwell was poppin on Sunday morning

Sadly I was there for a kids’ soccer match but the parking lot was packed with bikes and a couple of large groups.

How could it not be!

Thats what makes it so much fun. With all the use it gets sooooo Bombed out!!!

I have to say, the trail maintenance on Stillwell is amazing. Sure the rocks, but that’s part of the charm. The water bars, trimming, berms, all that is top-notch.

you are correct,
Always viewed Stilly as one of the more challenging trails. Yeah, as long as I can remember. back in 94ish stilly was always in great shape
loved it when Junky was working out of his jeep and Ritas… man, such great memories. The best was Doing a ride north from 25, then south thru BP and then loading up, going to RP for 10.75 miles.
all the Anodized parts, Ti bolts… Pauls brakes, CNC rear derailluers… and the hot ticket was a rock shox mag21… holy crap… good times!
am I dating myself.
Hell I remember when this site was started… after the island estates race out in Middle Island i was told to get the results here… I still have the results. I did fairly well for a rookie. I took 8th over all for all the sport riders… shit I was new then!!!

Wow… talk about jarring my memory!!!

Hey remember Thong Thursday!

Christine went Ballistic over that!!!

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