Stillwell ride #2

Here’s the GPS from the latest ride at Stillwell Woods and I managed to find some more of the trail this time!

Good job Tim…looks like you just missed Loco section. It’s a really hard left towards the end of the trail before you go uphill to make right by fence. Hope this helps…big log down too by intersection. They really need better signs at certain sections there…

OK, maybe next time. There are part of this trail that I find myself looking around for tracks to see which way to go…

Yes you missed Loco breath, That section gets you close to the railroad tracks. It is also the section that used to be part of “the desert” where my buddies used to moto back in the late 70’s and 80’s.

Its interesting seeing see stillwell laid out rhis way. It seems when riding it…less tree cover.

I never skip loco… I’ve bee riding stilly for 12 years now and never tore of it… I’ve even ridden the “off limits” section to the ridge going up towards cold spring harbor … Stilly is an awesome night and snow ride… Been doing that long before fatties were the “only” way to ride In the snow

Ah yes… The old school trails to CSH.

Back in the day that was the ticket

I was right next to the tracks but I think the section you are talking about is maybe the sandy section even before that.

That is where the whoops are from the dirtbikes.

I may hit stilly this weekend and do 3 laps to see how it feels.

Ha, after three laps I wouldn’t be feeling anything because I’d most likely be passed out or dead. Still, getting better with each ride.

Its all about the ride

Do what you can and enjoy the ride

As Disco Monkey used to say “Good times not Lap times”

The section by te tracks is loco