Stan's refill help

The last time I did this was a mess, got any tips for me to execute this without too much trouble? Should I scrape out the really caked on sealant, or leave it if it’s not a big goober?

I have just added… never
removed the old

If it’s really thick on the tires, I’d scrape off…adding unnecessary rotational weight. I switched to Finish Line cause of that, the amoebas, and the smell. The Finish line stuff doesn’t dry out and cleans up super easy!!

That was my thought, I did have some gunk in there the last time I did this. Right now they are holding air fine, but the last time I did this was over a year ago, so I’m thinking I should re-up the goop.

I’ve read some reviews of the Finish Line and it didn’t do too good. Your experience is the opposite though? I have the bottle Stan’s already so I’ll stick with that for now because I’m cheap.

The only issue I had with Finish line was my rim tape peeling…but to be fair it was after downhilling and only the rear. Plus I hadn’t changed it in 6 years…Orange seal is good too I heard but Pricey. Peaty just came out with his own stuff, not sure how good it is…

6 years! With the same sealant? Wow.

No Tim you misunderstood…the rim tape…2 years is pushing it for sealant if it hasn’t dried out.

Well I unseated the front wheel and it looked ok. The tire was evenly coated with dried sealant and the rim tape looked good. Seated it back, tossed in new sealant and pumped it up. For the rear I just refilled the sealant after seeing how good the front looked. They are both holding air great so I’m good to go…

Well I’m close, I have to look at the rear hydraulics because the pull is way too long. Might have to bleed I guess.

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