Spinning at home

Does anyone have a spin bike or use a trainer at home? I have a little spin bike and wanted to incorporate some video or something else but haven’t had luck finding anything. Ideally there would be an iPad app to use that had landscape and tracked you by your speed but that doesn’t look like it’s available yet.

I get bored at home. I have used a trainer and can only spin for about 30 mins

This one might work http://cyclingvideosonline.com/. I could actually just use my videos as well but I need to convert them for iPad. I might be able to sync my Garmin HR and elevation info with the video. Going to have to look into this.

I was thinking about a Pelethon but I don’t know how much time I can spend at home before popping a cork.
I give you credit.
Usually I dont use any monitoring system Like HR/Elevation…what I do use is my Watts and I monitor my RPMs in conjunction with watts

For the most part I push it till it hurts than back off a little.

Look for Zwift island , that is an amazing way to train at home and not lose your mind.
My friend uses it , I have tried it lots of fun.

I’ll check it out thanks

Also check out Virtual Training, it lets you ride routs from all over the world with video and will control the resistance based on the course profile (though you do need a smart trainer)

I’ll take a look. As for the “smart trainer”, don’t have one and right now I’m not even a “smart trainer rider” so I’m SOL there too ha!

I have my road bike on a trainer… If I don’t use my Alaskan trail DVD I pop in an old shaw brothers Kung fu movie and watch that while I pedal away