Spin To Win says lance

Once again I hit spin again. Spin is fun…so tonight was intervals. These were very difficult because i put my own twist in the mix. Instead of Standing in “Position 3” (which is much like being in the drops on a road bike) I sat and mashed at 75 rpms in gear 18 or 19.

I cant believe the watts I was producing! I was up 21 wats at the end of the class from where I started. I started at 170 avg and had a completed avg of 191 at class end. Now I always use the same cycle just to see how I am progressing. This gives me a consistant. Some of the cycles I avg as much as 260 watts. This is not good as I think It could be a false reading.

Either way the intervals were great and I had a fantastic work out

Yeah I gotta start hitting the spin bike. I don’t want to get too fat or out of shape this winter.

nothing to it but to do it

Yeah, Spin class
is good. I learned my limitations fro spin. Its healthy…Keeps you fit and the best part…women in spandex!

Watts rule !
Have a power meter on the road bike which is now on the trainer.
Spin classes are on the gotta do it list.

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