Some Basic Feed back...... i.e. Trimming

I have rode in the last week…Stillwell, Manorville, Glacier Ridge, and setauket. I have not ridden…RP…Calvy…Cathedral or Overton

The Trails I have ridden could use a trim…Less GR which Hitch keeps nice and neat (and If I was going to guess Overton is well Trimmed)

Stillwell has plenty of face slappers…Manorville has The trail getting narrow in quite a few areas.

Setauket felt like a Boxing match. Lots of ducking and weaving to avoid and dodge face slappers and the trail is getting narrow in lots of areas from over growing low growing plants

Its great Getting new additions to the trails and it is great getting new trails…But how about maintaining the trails we have.

Feed back from freinds Rocky is in need of a trim…and from I have herd so is Edgewood

For about 7 or 8 years I did a LOT of trimming at Rocky. I know how hard it is…very Un rewarding with an occasional thank you from Passer bys when trimming. I worked by butt off and can say with the Knowledge I have…work needs to be done…trails have got to be trimmed…sorry for being brutally straight forward…But whats UP with the trimming or should I say Lack there of?

Edgewood this time of year is very bushy and buggy.